Some time during 2017 I discovered a website where some guy had built his own
slide in truck camper.  I immediately became obsessed with this idea, so for the next
2 years, I spent many hours searching the net and gathering ideas for my very own
project.  I sketched plans and ideas onto paper and finally settled on a design that I
thought I could build myself.  If I were to get graded on my carpentry skills, my
teacher would probably note that I do not work well with tools so please don't be too

2019 finally arrived and I was fortunate enough to have worked a state job for 28
years and was able to retire at the young age of 51.  I told my wife of my plans and
she just rolled her eyes (she's done that a lot in the 27 years we've been married).

My original idea was to build a camper that would slide into the back of my Ford
F-150 pickup truck but after careful deliberation, I noticed that the camper was going
to rise about 3 1/2' above the cab of the truck.  Since I designed it with a flat front,
this was not what you would call very aerodynamic and would probably catch a lot
of wind making it unstable going down the highway.  Also, my wife & I enjoy
kayaking and this would prevent us from carrying our kayaks unless we put them on
a trailer.

Oddly enough, I have decided to purchase a heavy duty utility trailer and mount the
camper to that.  This way I don't have to haul the camper around every time we leave
the campground and we can still carry our kayaks in the truck.

As of Ju
ly of 2020, this is still a work in progress.  I will continue to post updates.