How to access the My-Ditto network attached storage device
without the USB network key
For those of us that use the My-Ditto network storage device, I'm sure you've
encountered a situation where you have needed to access your files but you left your
USB network key at home leaving your device basically useless.  Well, I came up with
a very simple solution that will allow you access to your device even though you do
not have the key with you.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to come up with this
idea, but while searching the internet, I've yet to see this idea published.  All that is
required is to plan ahead and you can do that right now.

The first thing you will need to do is plug the USB network key into your computer.
Next, copy the items to the left that are on the My-Ditto USB key.
The third thing you will need to do is transfer the files you just copied to a zip folder
and upload the folder to the cloud or a web server if your have one, or you can
simply e-mail the folder to yourself as an attachment (the folder size should be
around 19.0 MB).
Now, all you have to do to access your My-Ditto device is to access the zip file that
you uploaded to your cloud or web server or e-mail and extract the contents.  You
now basically have the desktop client running on any computer you choose.

NOTE:  Be sure to delete the contents of the extracted files so that no one else can
use these items to hack into your device at home.